ACES – Lite Project Tracking System

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ACES – Lite Project Tracking System

In Construction Management, News | on March, 07, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

For all of you who are deployed and or having problems connecting to ACES from time to time, here is a simple tool that can be used to collaborate with others and manage the massive amount of projects we are all dealing with.

Both files are required.

AF –  ACES Tracker v1-0.accdb – is your launching application.  It is suggested that you keep a store of this on your file share and create a link so that all your users can access the file.  This will allow you to make upgrades/changes that are transparent to your end user.

AF- ACES_DATA Store.accdb – is your data store.  Keep this on your file share.  This is the file you will link your launching application to the first time you launch it or if you move this file to a new location.