AFTTP 3-32.11 Airfield Damage Assessment After Attack

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AFTTP 3-32.11 Airfield Damage Assessment After Attack

In Career, Gee Whiz, News, Publications | on January, 28, 2016 | by | 0 Comments

I was so shocked this morning to have a wonderful e-mail from our current Force Development Manager announcing the release of the new AFTTP 3-32.11, Airfield Damage Assessment After Attack.  If you were like me in a search engine predicament, you would have hopped on to E-Pubs and became frustrated enough to call him and ask how the heck you can find it.  As typical though, the moment I get him on the phone all of a sudden I can find the file, go figure.

That being said, should anyone need the quick link on e-pubs Click Here.

In the event that for some reason the above link isn’t work, the attached copy is for your reading pleasure, however please not the file available from this site is the unofficial copy and therefore must be verified as current prior to use.

As a great man once stated, “Not quite ‘War & Peace’ but enjoy. :)”

AFTTP 3-32.11