Worldwide Virtual Conference

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Worldwide Virtual Conference

In Gee Whiz, News, Publications | on March, 02, 2016 | by | 0 Comments

Just typical!  A couple of days after I toss out a rumor, a worldwide conference invite that will at some point discuss that same topic comes out.  That being said, let’s dispel any rumors about NextGen IT and get the skinny from those who know what’s really going on or rather, what they would like us to know.  I am hoping to hear something informative and/or perhaps even see a screen shot or two of something for us construction types.  See below for details.

From:  USAF Pentagon AF-A4/A4C Training

The world keeps changing, and we’re here to keep you updated! Click below to reserve your spot today for our two day virtual conference on 16-17 March. You will have the opportunity to hear from leadership on today’s hot topics including:  NexGen IT, FIAR, Managing & Executing MILCON Projects, and AFCEC Execution, among others.


Speakers include Maj Gen Green, Brig Gen(s) Peccia, Mr Bridges, and Mr Correll, along with Mr Moriarty discussing Privatized Housing and Mr Oshiba touching on NexGen IT.   In addition, Maj Taylor will brief the Decision Support Framework and Mr Swyers from FM Center of Expertise will cover Economic Analysis. Also a special session featuring Col Moore and Mr Parker will cover Base Level Tips for Success. Register today to be in the know!

Register for Worldwide Virtual Conference at:

The full agenda will be released shortly on our event webpage. Check out it out here: