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For the past several years the state of readily available information has been dwindling both within the .COM and the DoD networks.  This has caused quite a concern among us as we all have relied heavily on being able to  access our information resources consistently due to heavy deployment cycles.  Keeping that in mind, was established to provide us stable environment from which 3E5X1’s (or whatever we are called today), can operate from without being hampered to quite the same level as we have been.

To that end, should any resource on this site not be available to you should it be a walk through, software, technical order, etc, please send us a note at and we will endeavor to make it available to you with all haste.  In some cases, we may not be able to provide a public link due to copy right concerns or other issues, but we will endeavor to get you the resources you need in the field at any time.  Should you require a secure storage space to keep files from your deployment for a short period of time due to the USB ban, we will be more than happy to extend you secured storage space on our servers for a short period of time.

For all we are willing to extend to the 3E5X1 community, all we ask is, should you have some sort of document that may be applicable to more than just you, training or otherwise, please share it with us.  We realize that this will put a strain on our reviewing capabilities initially, but the more information we are able to collect and provide from a central source, the better off we all will be in the end.  Everything provided will be reviewed for OPSEC issues prior to be made available publicly.  If we have questions, we will contact you shortly.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

— Staff @